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Felt that a 2 hour wait for support was a bit long and had to phone back to find out what was happening – Do you have any other feedback on the support service received?

  • 9/10 – How good were we at understanding your problem?
  • 0/10 – How well did we keep you informed of the status of your call?
  • 6/10 – How satisfied were you with the overall support service provided?

15 Nov 13

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback on our support service. We value all customer feedback, both positive and negative, as this helps us to improve the service that we offer our customers in the future. I am very sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the support that you received on this occasion.

When a support call comes in to our team it will be logged in our system and calls will then be responded to in the order they are logged, although obviously on some occasions we will need to prioritise some calls, for example where users are unable to access their system for some reason. I have checked our system for the details of your call and can see that your call was responded to and closed within 2 hours of being logged with us, which is still well within our service level agreement for support. However we appreciate your comments and are always striving to improve our service and response times where possible.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback and if you have any further issues with our support service please just let me know and we will be happy to investigate this further.

Alyson McMenemy –