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Length of time taken for a call back ( rolled over to next day) – Do you have any other feedback on the support service received?

  • 10/10 – How good were we at understanding your problem?
  • 2/10 – How well did we keep you informed of the status of your call?
  • 6/10 – How satisfied were you with the overall support service provided?

26 Sep 13

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Sandra thank you for your feedback. We are very grateful for you taking the time to provide this feedback which is invaluable to us to ensure we meet our high customer service expectations. We investigate all feedback where our score is not at the high standard we want to achieve. Therefore, on this occasion we investigated the timeframe for your call back. We looked through our logs it does appear that we had responded to each of your phone calls, however appreciate that you believed that you had returned our call and were waiting for a call from ourselves. Therefore there appears to be some miscommunication which we can only apologise for. We are glad that your support issue was quickly resolved after speaking to one of our support representatives and we will use this feedback to improve our service in the future.

David Lindores –