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The support was not proactive. The person showed now desire to resolve the problem, but mearly delay the provision of the support. I have still not received an answer, as the call was closed without checking with me if I was happy with the solution. – Do you have any other feedback on the support service received?

  • 0/10 – How good were we at understanding your problem?
  • 2/10 – How well did we keep you informed of the status of your call?
  • 0/10 – How satisfied were you with the overall support service provided?

26 Jul 13

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Andrew we really appreciate you taking the time to respond. We take all negative comments seriously and we have reviewed the details of this case. A response was provided for the original issue and we missed your reply asking for additional information. This was a mistake on our part and we can only apologise for this. We will make sure our support team contacts you to follow up on this further request. We would recommend that all support related emails are sent to rather than an individual to prevent this happening in the future. Thank you again for your comments, this will allow us to provide a better service to our customers in the future.

David Lindores –