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Ross took a call from us on an issue that has driven us crazy for ages. Methodically worked through the various options and managed to find the root of the issue whilst on the call. This is so very very appreciated as we have had the same error message many times but by the time it is logged and addressed, the data has all moved on which makes it very hard to diagnose. He diverted from the normal Eureka process to fix this and it is so very appreciated. At the same time, he also did a further peice of detective work to help us figure out which data fields were feeding which lines on invoice templates - may seem like a small thing but it will help us so very much with our documentation. He went out of his way to help and fixed everything before he hung up the phone rather than the usual levels of frustration when you wait for a call back this is the first time i have ever responded to your feedback mails because on many occasions, i am generally left underwhelmed but on this occasion - you shoudl look at this as the role model for how to manage clients thank you Ross – Do you have any other feedback on the support service received?

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13 Feb 24